Courteney & Brent Get Hitched!

Courteney and Brent are those people that you are drawn to be around. They are sweet, have beautiful souls and are so in love it makes you believe in happy endings. When Courteney emailed me telling me she chose me to shoot her wedding I literally did a dance. A little celebration for the excitement I had to document that beautiful love I was telling you about. And lets be real, they are not hard on the eyes either!

It was apparent how loved Courteney and Brent are as they were preparing to walk down the aisle. Courteney had a room full of sweet women helping her get ready, and pray with her. I love a good prayer before the ceremony starts. It really brings things into focus. And that is when I typically tear up for the first time the day of. Yes, I said first time. I can almost guarantee a minimum of three. Brent was being doted on by his gents before the ceremony. It was clear that he is that type of friend, the one that is a mans man. The guy that always has your back. The guy that is a good friend.

Now let's get to the ceremony. Brent had the most heartwarming reaction to seeing his bride walk down the aisle. He cried. And not the silent barely stream down your face cry. No, it was the floodgates opened, hands over mouth, happy tears that moved more than just me to cry a bit too.

See, I told you. That was time number two that the photographer was tearing up.

I do have to say, my favorite part of the day was when I was able to sneak away with Brent and Courteney for 30 minutes so I could get some sweet newlywed snuggling captured. They are adorable. I might even add swoon worthy.

Thank you Courteney and Brent for trusting me with your big day. Congratulations again.