Marcus and Krystle Tie the Knot!

I have been blessed to know Krystle for quite a few years now, and I am lucky enough to say I have known Marcus for almost as long. Before I moved to Colorado Springs, I lived in Orange County California. I worked with Krystle, and Marcus was one of our gym members. Krystle used to blush every time Marcus came in to work out. It wasn't long until he asked her out. And their relationship blossomed from there! It was such a special thing to see two wonderful people find each other, and grow together into the beautiful couple they are. When Krystle asked me to photograph their wedding, I was over the moon!

Krystle was such a calm bride. From the moment we arrived, she had this sense of ease. I kid you not, this girl is like a Disney princess. She is kind to everyone, she is calm and peaceful and radiates beauty, inside and out. I half expect woodland creatures to follow her. Seriously.

Marcus was adorable, so giddy to see his bride. They exchanged gifts, but had their eyes covered. It was such a special moment. Even though they couldn't see each other, their faces were beaming with joy and excitement. I may or may not have teared up just a little.

One thing that struck me that day was how family oriented both Krystle and Marcus are. Marcus had his dad as his best man, and Krystle had her mom as her matron of honor. What sweet gestures. I can imagine their parent felt very important and very loved.

They joy and the love was palpable that day. Marcus and Krystle are very loved.

John and Karen

I was introduced to John and Karen through a mutual friend, and what a blessing that turned out to be! John and Karen's story was adorable. They met through church friends at a church event and it was love at first sight. They started dating, even though it had to be long distance. This part hit home for me in particular because me dear husband and I had to do long distance for a majority of our dating relationship. So I know the pain of the separation and the true commitment it takes to overcome the obstacles distance can create. John and Karen are huge basketball fans, which showed in some of the details of their big day! The guys all wore basketball shoes, and the bridal party photos would not be complete without a basketball! John and Karen even wanted to recreate a photo from one of their favorite movies Love and Basketball. This day was filled with pure joy and overflowing love. It was something you could feel throughout every moment of the day. Congratulations John and Karen!