Slowing Down Amidst the Busy Season

Combine the words summer and photographer and they don't quite add up to free time. Something about the beautiful weather and the gorgeous mountain views means that the months between May and October are booming with folks getting married, updating their growing family's photos and of course documenting the start of their last year in high school. All of these events make me excited beyond belief! Can I pick my favorite? Are you crazy?! That is like asking me to choose my favorite ice cream. I love them all. No, seriously. Chocolate? Yum. Cookies and Cream? Yep! Creamy Vanilla Bean? Bring it. If I am this excited about those sweet creamy dessert options, can you imagine how I am with getting to work with my awesome clients?! I really am so blessed. I get to work with some amazing people. It's like a giant bowl, a scoop of each flavor, a huge spoon, and no belly ache. 

So now that summer is here I am balancing the business owner hat, the artistic/photographer hat, the mom hat and the don't loose my mind hat. Sometimes I wear multiple hats at once, because I'm fancy. Or maybe a little crazy. This summer some things in my personal life (blog post on this soon) have made me pause and realize that I need to look at each day with a grateful heart. I have decided that maybe wearing one hat at a time will allow me to enjoy each flavor more (eesh, me and ice cream again). 

Today I got to wear the "momtographer" hat (yes, I combined two hats) and photograph my little. She is the epitome of a photographers child, always aware of the camera and cooperative *most* of the time. I am trying to enjoy the summer, because really, they are only little once. And I know the day will come when I will say "where did the time go"? 

So what are you doing to slow down and enjoy your summer? Come September you will surely say, "that went by fast"!