Angelic Magazine Photo Shoot

A little while back I was in contact with someone who worked at Angelic Magazine. She had asked me to send some images to her to be published in their magazine. Of course I jumped at the chance! Then, I got the email that they had decided to use my image for the cover! I was over the moon excited! If you haven't checked out their magazine, give it a look! They have an online edition you can find here:

To prepare for this shoot I had to pick a model and a location. My sister eagerly jumped at the chance to model for me. I think she did a pretty good job! The park was one I used often and I knew it would fit the look I was going for. It's funny how seamlessly and quick things came together. And the amount of laughter we shared during the shoot was unbelievable.

The bonus of that day...I shot the whole thing with my baby strapped to me in the Ergo. That may have contributed to a large amount of the giggles.