Farewell California, Hello Colorado.

Difficult doesn't begin to describe how this move was. California has been my home for 29 years. It is in my blood. I love the beach, avocados and In n Out. Aside from those things, my sister. When I said goodbye to California, I wasn't just bidding farewell to those tried and true California things, but I was also saying goodbye to my sister. Yes, I know, there are cars and planes and horse drawn buggies that can bring us to each other for visits, but those are just that. Visits. My sister and I were attached at the hip. We would run errands together, go for walks at the park down the street from my home, go to church and have dinner nights together. Our particular favorite was artichoke nights. Since we were little, artichokes were treats for us. So as adults, we would Redbox a movie, steam some artichokes and pour a glass of wine. It may not seem fancy, but it was ours. I was blessed to have her travel across the states to help me with the move to this new state of mine. It was a fun little road trip to ease us into this new way life will be for us. It was filled with plenty of fast food, visits with family along the way, a crying baby girl, a lot of laughter and a sobbing tear filled goodbye at the airport as I sent her on her way. So Colorado huh? Yeah, Colorado. My husband got into the film program at the University of Colorado, and by George he is going to rock it! Seriously. I am waiting for the day I need to pick out a fancy schmancy dress for the Oscars. And when that day comes, we will buy a beach house in California so I can call both my home.